Top 10 Evergreen Hairstyles Using Hair Straightener

Too often flat irons are only used to remove any unwanted texture from hair, but the fact is they are the most versatile tool in your hair arsenal. Take a look at 10 on-trend looks that can be achieved with a single flat iron.

1. Loose Waves

Loose waves are a trend that’s here to stay, and it’s best achieved by using a flat iron to curl the hair. To get the perfect wave, gently tug at the curled section of hair while it’s still warm and leave the last inch of hair uncurled. After the hair is cooled, run your fingers through, breaking up any defined curls to get that “undone” look.

2. Stick-Straight Hair

Achieve this look using straightening cream and high-hold hairspray. When straightening your hair, keep sections under a ¼ of an inch and use the flat iron from root to end.

3. Sleek Low-Pony

This look is inspired by french street-style. Achieve it by first following the steps for stick-straight hair, then use a fine tooth comb to pull hair back into a low ponytail with a middle part. Secure with an elastic hair tie and finish it off with hair spray.

4. Half-Up Loop BunThe half-up loop bun has taken the place of the topknot as the go-to hairstyle. Not only can the look fit a number of different occasions (night out, work, gym, etc), but it takes less than five minutes to accomplish.To get this look, you can pull the top half of your hair up from the temple or just above the ears, then only pull half of your pony through the hair elastic. Finish off the look by using your flat iron on the hair that’s left down.

5. Low Topknot

While the high topknot is a thing of the past, the low top knot is a new trend brought into the world by Nicholas K runway show. This version of the classic is much easier than its predecessor.After straightening your hair, begin by pulling it into a low pony but form a loop instead of pulling the hair through. Pull a one-inch section from the loop and wrap it around the base of the loop to hide the elastic. Finish it off by running your flat iron over the ends that are sticking out.

6. Tomboy Braided Ponytail

Remember that braided ponytail you wore in the fifth grade? Well, that look is finally in fashion thanks to the Celine catwalk. This time around you need to straighten your hair first, paying close attention to the roots and the ends. Pull your hair into a mid-height pony, braid it and finish it off with another elastic.

7. Curly Sue

This look is all about Tori Kelly curls. Use your flat iron to curl very small sections (⅛ inch) from root to tip. Finish with lots and lots of hairspray.

8. Updated Quiff

Making its appearance on the Roberto Cavalli catwalk, the updated quiff is “tomboy meets David Bowie”. Straighten your hair using a deep side part then tease the top section so that it angles back and to the side. Tuck both sides of the hair behind your ears and secure it with hairspray.

9. Chic High Pony

To get this look, follow the directions for stick-straight hair, then use a fine tooth comb to pull the hair into a high pony being sure to avoid any bumps.

10. Faux Hawk

The secret to a good faux hawk is volume on top and sleek, straight sides and ends. Use your flat iron to rid your hair of volume by straightening the sides and back of your hair from root to end and the top section of your hair mid-shaft to end.Get more hair inspiration straight from the runway here.

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