Review of CHI ceramic hairstyling flat iron

Buying a hair straightener is a very important decision because it affects not only the styling of your hair, but also the health of your hair. If you wish for both, style and health, then the CHI ceramic hairstyling flat iron could just be the product you are looking for. With its ergonomic design and unique features it will give you salon quality styling, while maintaining the health of your hair strands.


1. Ceramic plates – The 1” plates of this CHI product are infused with the ceramic technology. This gives you an advantage of getting a salon level and quality of hair straightening experience. Ceramic produces moist heat and creates shiny and silky hair while adding the moisture. The ceramic infused plates distribute heat faster and evenly. The ceramic effectively seals the hair shafts, removing the frizz from the hair. This leaves the hair strands with a beautiful gloss.

2. Infra red heating – The high end technology used by the styling iron produces infra red heat and a mass of negative ions. This helps to generate and maintain the heat required for different hair styles and different hair types. The infra red technology works on the hair from inside out. The negative ions help to add the desired shine and moisture. Even at high temperatures, the hair maintains its health. The frizz from the hair is removed and a sleek shine is added to it.

3. Squeeze sensitive plates –The squeeze sensitive plates add flexibility in the styling process. The plates ensure that the styling needs of different hair types are met. The iron needs to be squeezed more for coarse and thick hair, while a little amount of squeezing is required for thin, brittle, fine or colored hair. The plates heat up in a flash. It can heat up to a temperature of 425 degree F.

4. Versatile – The high end ergonomic design of the CHI straightener make the product extremely versatile. It can be easily used to simply straighten the hair or to add curls and waves to the hair. The polished and ultra smooth plates have a microscopically smooth surface. This allows for a high quality straightening experience and also helps to add a superior shine to the hair.


– two year warranty

– Product dimensions – 10” X 1.5” X 1.5”

– dual voltage

– heat settings that are color coded

– Swivel no tangle cord

– 40 second heat up

– heats up to a maximum of 425 degree F


Good Reviews

If you are still in two minds about the product, then the following reviews by the hundreds of satisfied customers will help you make a choice:

– It straightens the hair in a single swipe.

– It works smoothly even at low temperatures. The hair is not pulled or tugged.

– You won’t be able to stop yourself from touching your hair because it would feel so smooth and healthy.

– It works beautifully like a dream. With a little amount of effort, it produces extraordinary results.

– It is quite thin and light weight and is easy to work with.

– It is very fast and heats effectively. It is easy to create different styles.

– The hair remains styled for a very long duration and the frizz doesn’t come back.

– It works perfectly with all types of hair. Even with the short bob hair, it works effectively. The styling plates are extremely powerful and gentle to use.

– Your hair will look like they were styled in a salon.

– The heating plates are very strong. They can straighten even the most stubborn curls very easily and quickly.

– The hair glides smoothly through the plates without any pulling or snagging. Even after using the product at very high temperatures, the hair is not dull. The hair is smooth, shiny and flowing.

Bad Reviews

According a few customers, they faced the following issues while using the CHI product:

– It takes a while for the users to understand the squeeze sensitive plates.

– It will take a little time to adjust to the temperature settings.

The CHI Ceramic hairstyling flat iron is an ideal product for anyone looking for salon quality hair styling. Its ergonomic design, squeeze sensitive plates, quick heat up, ceramic infusion technology and easy temperature control will ensure that your hair retains the moisture, while removing the unwanted frizz. You can conveniently style your hair in various ways with just the use of this one product.

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