Remington S8510 Anti-Frizz Therapy Hair Straightener Review

I considered several different models as I searched for my new straightener. When I went to buy the Remington S8510 Anti-Frizz Therapy Straightener, I was looking for a product that would be powerful enough to tame my frizz but gentle enough to not damage my hair.

This straightener definitely does cover both of my needs as well as some additional benefits that I did not anticipate. In fact, one of the only drawbacks I could see was the cost which was close to $100. However, considering how often I straighten my hair, that I don’t want to damage it, and the quality of this particular flat iron, I consider it a worthwhile investment.

Conditioning Elements

The main attraction to this product for me is the anti-frizz features that are advertised. I have frizzy difficult hair so the average flat iron does not always make the cut. The floating plates in this straightener are actually infused with conditioner which combats frizzy hairs and adds shine. It also prevents me from having to prep my hair with a lot of products before straightening. This literally saves me both time and money as I no longer have to purchase those products or spend several minutes applying them to my hair. Though, it does not smell the best when the avocado conditioner is heated. However, this feature does protect your hair from further heat damage and split ends.

Heats Up Quickly

The second best feature is the insanely quick heat up time. In a mere 30 seconds the Remington S8510 is ready for use. This saves me a lot of time in my morning routine. I can recall days when I would wait five to ten minutes just to reach a temperature that would style my hair. However, the floating plates can make it difficult to apply ample pressure to my hair while straightening.

Precision Temperature Control

This leads me to my next point; the Remington S8510 has a digital temperature control which allows me to choose exactly how hot I would like it to get. Even though it can go up to 450 degrees, I always keep mine at 250 to 300 because my hair is thinner and more prone to heat damage. Having the precision gauge is extremely helpful for that reason. That being said, the casing outside of the plates can become extremely warm to the touch. I also had minor difficulty when moving the straightener to curl my hair. I accidentally hit the temperature button several times and changed the heat settings midway through styling my hair. However, this wasn’t an issue when I simply straightened my hair.

Smooth Gliding Action

I also notice my hair snags less often when I use this flat iron versus flat irons I have used in the past. This may be due to an overall higher quality or the infused conditioning, either way, my scalp is happy.


Furthermore, I enjoy how light the straightener feels in my hands. For having such high quality features I thought it might feel clunky or heavy but it doesn’t require any more muscle than my previous straightener.

Auto Shut-Off

Lastly, though certainly not least, the Remington S8510 Anti-Frizz Straightener includes the ever important safety feature of an automatic shut off after 60 minutes. Never again will I sit in traffic and wonder if I shut off my flat iron or worry that I may have caused my apartment to burn down because of beauty tool negligence.

Product Specifications:

Model S8500-1” ceramic plates-2.9” x 4.8” x 13.7”


Weighs 13 ounces

Digital precision temperature control panel on grip-

Single Voltage-

Four year warranty

The Good:

Has two damage reducing conditioning plates which are permeated with conditioners to prevent loss of moisture as well as cuticle damage

Salon Quality

High Heat settings up to 430 Degrees Fahrenheit

Auto shutoff

after 60 minutes-30 Second heat up and

Turbo Boost mode-

Hair comes out shinny, smooth, and frizz free-Glides smoothly through hair without snagging

The Bad:-

The outside of the plates can become hot to the touch-Awkward button placement for temperature control

The Bottom Line:

The Remington S8510 Anti-Frizz Straightener did a wonderful job both straightening and curling my hair. It did give me the smooth and soft hair I wanted while protecting my hair from damage. While it is more expensive than your average drug store flat iron, it is also a much higher quality. I would recommend this product as a worthwhile investment. This particular model is estimated to last at least four years so you are sure to get your money’s worth.

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