Learn, How to permanently straighten hair!

It seems quite obvious that we should first of all understand what permanent hair straightening is before we delve into the ways of going about it. Permanent hair straightening involves the use of chemical treatments to permanently or at least for a long time, remove the waves or curls in your hair to give it straight flowing look.Once this effect is achieved, you will not have to use a straightening iron or a styler daily as the straightening look lasts for quite a long time (up to three months in some cases).

​Here's a look at some of the most commonly sought after methods of permanent hair straightening:

  • Brazilian Hair Straightening/ Formaldehyde Keratin Treatment
  • Japanese Hair Straightening/ Thermal Reconditioning
  • Chemical Hair Relaxing

Of the 3 methods that have been aforementioned, Keratin Treatment/Brazilian Hair straightening is the arguably the most popular. This might be owed to the fact that, it can be performed on a majority of hair types. Another benefit of Keratin treatment that may be worthwhile to note, is that coloring can be done on the same day as the treatment. This is will indeed come as great news for those of us who may find it absolutely necessary to color their hair immediately within the relaxing period.

Furthermore, with this method the bonds in the your hair are never completely broken down and so the natural texture of the hair eventually returns. This means that, unlike the results that you obtain from the use of harsh chemicals, you will still be able to style your hair and it may even still hold a curl.

If you happen to be interested in opting for Keratin treatment to be done on your hair, here are the most recommended steps to go about it:​

Look around for a salon that does Brazilian straightening or Keratin Treatment.

Depending on the salon, this permanent straightening method may be referred to as either Brazilian Keratin Treatment or Brazilian Blowout. While some new procedures may (such as X-Tenso from L'Oreal) promise straightening results that last for up to half a year, normal Brazilian straightening results last from 2 to 4 months.

Try to find Out whether your type of hair is suitable for this kind of straightening.

​Always ask a professional hair stylist about the suitability of your hair undergoing this procedure. Although it can be performed on a majority of hair types as mentioned earlier on, the Brazilian Treatment should not be performed on very thin or damaged hair. Some stylists may be profit minded when you make such inquiries,as such, you should just approach a stylist that you trust or alternatively a friend who may be knowledgeable in the topic.

Make up your mind on how lasting or how pronounced you want the effect to be.

You could be looking for a naturally straight look or a 'hands down' pin straight look. Whichever your desire,make sure to mention your preference to the stylist. They are experts in this field and have got tonnes of experience and will usually have ideas that you may have not considered before.​

Progress with the Straightening​

At this point, the stylist will apply the product (composed mainly of Keratin and a preservative agent), blowdry your hair and flat iron it so as to seal in the mixture into the hair cuticles. The entire procedure usually lasts for a number of hours. After this, all that is needed to be done is not to wash your hair for about 3 to 4 days.​

Enjoy your newly straightened hair.

Although your daily straightening routine will have been greatly reduced or removed entirely for the first few weeks at least, you will still find it necessary to blow dry your hair as well as do some few touch ups.​

Permanent hair straightening is a relatively expensive procedure compared to other alternatives but looking at how effective and durable the straightening results are, it may surely be worth every dime. It would seem that Keratin treatment is the safest option that you should consider as we have discussed. However, whichever straightening method you opt for, always consult a stylist wherever possible before proceeding or if you opt to purchase a DIY kit for your own straightening at home, be sure to read and follow the instructions on the kits to the letter.​

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