Infiniti Pro by Conair 1-1/2-Inch Nano Silver Steam Flat Iron

For those of us who have naturally kinky or curly hair, then you know that getting a half-decent flat iron today is akin to looking for a needle in the haystack. To be honest, I’ve bought and returned more than a dozen straighteners and wasted a lot of money on inefficient ones. That was until I came across the Infiniti Pro by Conair 1-1/2-Inch Nano Silver Steam Flat Iron with Bonus Heat Instrument Case. The results were simply mind blowing.

Coming in at less than $70, the Infiniti Pro is without a doubt one of the affordable best straighteners but with the features of top shelf hair detanglers. But is it a worthy buy for you?

Let’s see if deserves your dollars in this comprehensive review.

2 .) Main features.

The Infiniti Pro is a melting pot of top-of-the-range features, which includes a remarkably short heat up period bolstered by retractable detangling combs.

Delving further, here is a quick primer on that and other useful features.

2.1.) The 30-second instant heat up.

This feature emanates from the unique, progressive technology used in the straightener’s internal circuitry. Which includes the ability to warm from room temperature to 450F in less than a minute, thanks to the dual voltage and Nano Silver plates.

On retrospect, such a feature can come in handy especially in those mornings when you’re pressed for time but still want to look glam when you show up at the office. Unlike other straighteners that require over 15 minutes to warm up, the Infiniti Pro will be prime and ready even before you step out of the shower.

2.1.)Retractable detangling combs.

Don’t you just hate it when your frizz gets stuck in your straightener’s combs making it harder to attain that prime look in the morning? Well, turns out that the Infiniti has a solution for you. The straightener separates out the frizz making it easier and comfortable to disentangle even the most unruly of messes. So, that means instead of just pulling your hair out ( like other conventional straighteners) the Infiniti is designed to spread the hair strands evenly between the silver coated plates while straightening hence minimizing chances of unnecessary tugging and pulling.

On that note, the straightener comes with three comb heights- low, high and off. Something that makes it better suited for almost all types of hair (thick, curly, straight, fine, etc) than most other hair detanglers on the market.

2.3.)Ionic and steam hair straightening technology.

The Infiniti utilizes an effective combination of steam and ionic hair straightening technology resulting in those flowing manes and glorious waves. For steam, the automatic multilevel steaming function moistens the hair from the roots upwards while smoothing down the cuticle enabling to lock down on the style you want. Not only does such conditioning steam add shine to the hair, but it also makes it more manageable and presentable.

On the other hand, the ionic properties of the Infiniti Straightener neutralize the static electricity that causes hair to appear dull, frizzy and disheveled. The result is a brilliant shine radiating all-day long.

2.4.)The electronic temperature control.

The new temperature regulating mechanism applied in Infiniti makes the straightener capable of smoothing out locks of hair in one clean swipe without damaging it. And this is courtesy of the four ceramic heaters packed beneath its polycarbonate shell that can be adjusted either manually or automatically. So, regardless of whether you have fine, course or processed hair, the dual temperature setting makes it very convenient for one to select their desired straightening heat.

Product specifications.

a.)Dimensions: 12.5 by 5.5 by 5.8 inches.
b.)Weight: 1.2 pounds.
c.)Shipping Weight: 1.5 pounds. ( The product is available for shipping outside the United States)
d.)Operating Voltage:120/220V

3.) The Good.

a.)The retractable detangling combs.
b.) A fast heat up time backed up by a removable water reservoir.
c.)A comfortable, ergonomic design.
d.)Reasonably priced ($66 only)

4.) The Bad.

There’s nothing majorly bad about this straightener; just a minor disposition-the small steam reservoir depletes/runs out relatively quickly. However, you can easily counter this by switching it off when you’re not using it on your hair or dabbing your hair with a wet sponge before you start straightening it.

5.) Bottom line.

If you’re looking to replicate salon results at the comfort of your dressing room, and hopefully save some money in the process, then the Infiniti Pro is one of your best choices on the market today. Besides, the less than $70 price tag makes it one of the best budget flat irons on the market today.

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