How to straighten hair without heat? Easy Guide

As women, we inevitably always want the hair that we don't have. For me, this means countless hours of my week spent straightening out all of the waves in my hair. However, after time, the heat begins to cause damage, breaking the ends of the hair. This damage causes frizz, distress, and can actually keep your hair from growing properly. If you are looking to keep getting that straight and sleek look without causing extra damage to your hair follicles, here are some easy ways to make your hair look super classy and silky every day:

1. Blow drying hair is the easiest way to achieve straight hair for women with wavy hair. However, we want to avoid the heat. To solve this problem:

a. first, find the switch your hair dryer. This switch is usually located where you normally turn the blow dryer on. On my hair dryer, it's a button that says cool shot. If you still aren't sure where to look, check out the booklet that comes with the hair dryer.

b. Next, find a round brush. You're going to want to find a brush with even, plastic or metal bristles. The brush should also have a metal base with holes throughout it. This helps blow the cool air through your hair.

c. After you have your brush and cool-blowing hair dryer, start to brush your hair while blowing the cool air on it at the same time. The air and the brush combination will help to straighten out all of the hair without causing frizz or damage due to heat.

(Bonus Tip: If your hair is still being stubborn, try applying a straightening and de-frizzing serum before blow-drying).

2. Another heat-free option for those with hair that has a bit more of a bite are hair masks. Straightening hair masks are really great for low-maintenance women that still want to achieve that clean and sophisticated look of straight hair. These masks are usually used once or twice a week.

a. First, you will apply the hair mask to your hair. It will generally need to sit in your hair from 30 minutes to an hour (this depends on whether the mask is bought or homemade).

b. Next, you just wash your hair like you normally would and tada! The downside to this trick is that it may take a couple of weeks until your hair starts to conform to the hair mask. However, it's all a straight path from there!

(Bonus Tip: Try a mixture of honey and coconut milk to make your own DIY hair mask. It smells super delicious and you know that your hair is soaking up real nutrients).

3. Have kinky hair that just won't be tamed? Try rolling it weekly.

a. First, you will want to find a gentle shampoo/conditioner combo that helps in straightening hair.

b. After washing your hair, dry it enough so that it is not sopping wet, but damp.

c. Next, Roll your hair in curlers. While it may seem that the curlers would make your hair more curly, it actually gives your hair more body while creating a smoother look.

(Bonus Tip: Keep a spray bottle nearby to keep your hair damp while inserting the curlers).

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