How to Straighten Hair, The Easy Way!

I think we’ve all had or have seen straightened hair that isn't quite straight and instead is an uneven combination of straight hair with wavy or frizzy lumps, kinks or partial curls. Although partially straightened hair can be perceived as an improvement, this sort of outcome will never be the Hollywood celebrity, to-die-for, sleek, straight hair that turns heads in admiration. People may be wondering what on Earth went wrong instead. Follow these tips to ensure a glamourous outcome for smooth, lustrous-looking straightened hair:


1. Clarifying shampoo

2. Hydrating conditioner

3. Heat-protectant spray

4. Blow dryer

5. Rat-tail comb

6. Two soft scrunchy hairbands / clips.

7. Several bobby pins / hair barrettes.

8. Straightening hot iron.

9. Glossing cream / coconut oil (optional).

10. Humidity-blocker finishing spray.

11. Dry shampoo / baking powder (optional).


1. For best results, the hair should be cleansed, hydrated, and protected before straightening.

a. Wash hair with a clarifying shampoo which rids hair of impurities caused from product build-up or environmental exposures. This will allow hair to retain better hydration that’s needed for a sleek, polished look.

2. Follow with a hydrating conditioner after shampooing hair. One that controls frizziness will work best. This will ensure hair looks smooth and shiny when finished.

3. After rinsing hair well, apply a heat-protectant spray to towel-dried hair making sure to focus on hair ends where the most damage often exists.

a. Now that all of the hair is fully protected by the spray, blow dry on medium heat until hair is completely dry.

4. Turn the straightening iron on and let it warm up fully.

a. Make sure your heat setting is not set too high in order to avoid burning or damaging the hair.

b. Know what heat setting is best for the type of hair you’re working on. Most hair stylists recommend the following heat settings:

* 250-300 degrees - fine or damaged hair

* 300-350 degrees - medium-to-average hair

* 350-400 degrees - thick / coarse hair


5. Divide dry hair into 4 sections using a rat-tail comb. This type of comb is recommended as the structure is designed specifically for parting hair into sections quickly and precisely. Rat-tail combs are typically found in salons and are made of plastic or metal with fine teeth and a pointy, tail-like tip. The rat-tail comb also makes heat-tool styling much easier.

a. Start by parting hair down the middle. Then separate the top half of the hair on each side, dividing around the ear level, and pull the top half into a hairclip or soft scrunchy.

b. Remaining hair on the lower half can be left hanging on either side at this point.

6. Now that hair is divided into 4 parts, starting from the lower half, beginning on either side desired, use the rat-tail comb to separate a 2-inch section of hair.

a. Gently brush through hair in this section starting from the middle to avoid breakage while loosening any tangles.

b. After combing through and still holding onto the first section of hair, gently go over the entire length with the straightening iron without clamping down or applying pressure, allowing the iron to loosely glide over hair. Repeat this until hair in each section is completely straight.

c. Depending on how much curl or wave the hair has that’s being worked on, individual sections may need to be gone over several times.

d. Once all hair on both lower halves is completely smooth and straight, proceed to take down a side from one of the top halves and follow the same process.

e. Very thick or unruly hair not being worked on can be kept back in the soft scrunchie or hairclip until loose sections of hair are completely straightened.

7. After straightening, lightly spritz on a humidity-blocker finishing spray of your choice that will prevent frizz by creating a physical shield against unwanted moisture.

a. For hair that’s known to frizz a bit more or for those who will be exposing hair to weather with more-than-average humidity, a glossing cream can be applied. Some prefer to use coconut oil for a homemade glossing cream.

b. Keep in mind that a little goes a long way with most glossing creams.

c. Brush hair thoroughly to ensure that product is evenly distributed.


8. For straight hair that lasts for several days, oil will need to be controlled to avoid a greasy appearance. This can be achieved by applying a dry shampoo to styled hair. Purchase one at a beauty supply or make your own at home using baking soda.

a. Apply to hands evenly and massage into hair roots while flipping hair upside down.

b. Brush evenly through hair until oil is under control.

c. Additional finishing spray can be applied or a combination of dry shampoo and spray until hair is balanced and perfectly smooth and sleek. This technique will allow hair to remain straight up to several days.

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