How to Curl Your Hair with a Straightener, Super Quick!


Will a curling iron do the trick? Definitely. However, most of us do not like the outcome. Many experts and salon professionals like the curling effect of a hair straightener or a flat iron more, compared to its curling tool counterpart. This is because for everyday curls, most women prefer curls that do not look too made up. "Perfect" curls do not always look flattering on most face shapes, especially if they appear like little ringlets on the side of your face. Curling with the use of a hair straightener create rougher curls. They look beautifully unmade and appears to be more natural-looking. 

So prepare your tool, and let's wear those curls. This is going to be an easy step by step guide on how to curl your hair with a straightener. 

Essentials to get the that glowing crown curls to use with a hair straightener!

  • Hair dryer
  • Hair Straightener
  • Clips and Scrunchies
  • Hair Brush
  • Heat Protectant Hair Product
  • Curl Setter Hair Spray

Step 1. Dry and brush your mane.

It is extremely essential that you start with dry hair. Curls just won't work if you start out with a hair that's fresh from the shower. Hair that is washed the night before is easier to style and can yield better results. When your hair is wet or even slightly damp, it won't curl at all.

  • The first thing that you want to do is to blow dry your hair. Blow dry it thoroughly.
  • Brush. Brush. Brush. You have to brush your hair to get rid of the tangles. You will find this as an essential step, given that you are not allowed to comb or brush your hair after you're done with the curling process.

Step 2. Use Heat protection for your hair. it's a must.

Yes. There are heat protectants for the hair. Your hair is prone to damage with too much heat from the iron. Make sure you apply this heat protection product to your hair before curling. There are hundreds of products of this type in the market. Get a brand that you're comfortable with. Healthy hair is still a must no matter how much styling you go through. It is also important that you keep the temperature of the hair straightener to a minimum, especially if you have fine hair. You can turn the temperature up a little higher if your hair is coarse.

  • Hold the heat protection spray at about 15 cm away from your hair. The goal is to put protection, and not to soak your hair with the product.
  • Your hair should not be too damp. It's natural for it to get a little wet. That is why you should not curl your hair right away after applying the product. Wait for 5 to 10 minutes before curling.

Step 3. Work layer after layer

  • Part hair into sections. It would be best to tie or clip the upper sections of your hair to keep it clear from the lower part that you left down.
  • Grab a few strands or section of your hair. One inch or more should be enough to start with. Insert this section into your flat iron and do your magic.
  • See next step for the technique. Once you're done with one layer, let down the next section of hair until you're done with all of the layers.

Step 4. Handle the straightener PROPERLY

You don't want your crowning glory to look weird and unnatural. The curls should start from under, and not just visible on top.

  • With the section of hair set in between the iron, hold the hair straightener and twist it away from your face. The angle of the hair tool should be diagonal. Work your way going down. Do this until you've reached the end of the strands. This will create waves with just enough curl. This will achieve a beach wavy look.
  • If you want a more curly look, wrap the hair around your iron. Twist and pull until you've reached the end. Repeat as needed.
  • The most important thing to do once you're done with all the layers is to let your hair cool. Your hair is going to take its shape not from when it's hot, but when it has completely cooled. The curls are easier to style when they're no longer warm.

Step 5. No to combs and brushes. Yes to fingers.

When you're done with all of the sections, it is very important not to brush your hair just yet.

  • To achieve a more natural look, separate the curls by brushing through your hair using your fingers.
  • Shake your hair to create more volume.
  • Once you see your desired results, you can then apply a lightweight wax, pomade, hairspray or any product that can set your curls in place.

Yay, now, it's time Show off those curls!

Enough said, achieving natural-looking curly hair is definitely easy even with just a hair straightener as your tool. You can wear your curls daily, weekly or whenever it is that you please!

You might be thinking, why a Hair Straightener is Still the Perfect Choice for Curling​?

And the answer is simple, this does not discredit the wonders that a real curling iron can do for your hair. A curling iron is still the easiest way for you to have the curls that you want. If you're one of those, who would like to keep one conventional tool for both curling and straightening, then the hair straightener should be your best friend. Curling with the use of a hair straightener may be tricky at first. But after a good amount of practice, you should be able to perfect the curls that you want to wear whether on a regular day or on a date night.​ And I have reviewed some of the best hair straighteners right here in my blog. I am sure you would find one which suits your need perfectly and if it doesn't please leave a comment below and let me know which hair straightener you would like to get reviewed.

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Every time you wear those kinks and curls, you turn heads and change perceptions ~

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