GHD Professional Original 1-Inch Styler Review

Sometimes it feels like finding a good hair straightener is harder than winning the lottery. You spend hours scouring through hair straightener reviews looking for that one gem. And when you do get one that isn’t hell-bent on torching your hair, it breaks down in no time. But there has been quite some chatter about GHD’s 1-inch styler. Is it really the ultimate weapon against frizzy hair? Well, we put our locks on the line and decided to find out.

Features of the GHD Original 1-Inch Styler

GHD is no newbie to the hair straightener scene. It’s been at it for well over a decade, and this particular styler comes packed with some neat features.

Ceramic Heating Plates

GHD’s 1-Inch styler comes equipped with ceramic plates for added efficiency. Nearly all modern hair straighteners nowadays use ceramic plates due to their superb heat conductivity. This means not only don’t you have to wait for ages for the darn thing to heat up, but you can also doll up your hair quite quickly. The ceramic plates also allow the hair to glide through them effortlessly, preventing that annoying snagging and hair damage that results.

Round Barrel

The best straightener is one that offers the most in terms of versatility. And this 1-inch styler will allow you to play around with a number of styling options thanks to its round barrel. This ergonomic design enables you to create waves and curls with relative ease, while lying comfortably in your hand.

Sleep Mode

Ever had that moment when you’re halfway out the driveway, then it suddenly hits you that you forgot to unplug the hair straightener? And you’ve always been too cool for fire insurance? Well, this GHD straightener has an auto-shut off feature that kicks in after 30 minutes. It however keeps beeping before this time lapses, reminding you to turn it off.

Universal Voltage

This straightener is dual voltage, accepting both 110-120V and 220-240V ratings. So as long as you have an adapter, you can easily use it when you’re out on vacation or business. It’s pretty light as well, so carrying it around isn’t much of a drag.

Fixed Heat Setting

The heat setting is fixed at 365 degrees Fahrenheit. GHD claims that this is the optimal styling temperature for all hair types and textures. So if you’re shopping for a styler with variable temperature, you’re out of luck.

Product Specifications

– Dimensions: 10 x 1.2 x 4 inches

– Weight: 12 ounces

– Dual Voltage: 110-120V and 220-240V

– Warranty: 2 years (If bought from an authorized retailer)

The Good

– Quick Results: The major highlight of this straightener is just how surprisingly quick it takes to get your hair in shape. It heats up in less than 30 seconds, which is a godsend for those of us who get ready last minute. Since it gets pretty hot, you also don’t have to keep running it through your hair multiple times. Of course this depends on your hair type and texture.

– Doesn’t Dry-Out Hair: We all strive for that healthy shine that makes it seems like you just stepped out of your stylist’s chair. And this styler not only leaves you with straight hair, but with a beautiful sheen as well. As long as you condition and coat your hair using a heat protect spray, you won’t have to worry about lifeless results.

– Doesn’t Pull Hair: It glides through quite gently, snagging only when the hair is unusually tightly coiled. Seems those ceramic plates are doing a bang-up job.

– Lasting Results: There is nothing more annoying than your hair frizzing up minutes after you’ve spent half the morning working on it. The results after using this GHD styler keep quite well, even in relatively humid weather.

The Bad

– Singular Heat Setting: While some people might breathe a sigh of relief from not having to toy with settings, options are always a good thing. If you have fine hair especially, it might be nerve-wrecking running your delicate hair through it without any sort of control.

– Quite the Investment: The price might sting a bit, particularly if you’ve been using the cheaper products on the market. But cheap can be expensive remember. In the long run, the quality and longevity make it worth every penny.

The Bottom-line

The world of hair straighteners can be a bit of a mine field; and the quest for the best straightener can leave with you some scars. Literally! But in this harsh world, the GHD 1-Inch styler stands out for its functionality and versatility, and is definitely worth the investment. If the singular heat setting doesn’t bother you, then it won’t let you down.

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