FHI Heat Platform Tourmaline Ceramic Professional hair styling iron

If you hate your bad hair days and long for frequent salon visits, then FHI Heat Platform Tourmaline Ceramic Professional hair styling iron might just be the right product for you. This quality product is especially designed for frequent use. It gives you the freedom to style your hair differently at your very home. What can be better than getting a high quality professional hairstyle while sitting on your favorite couch!!


1) Ceramic heater and three different layers of baked ceramic plates – This styling iron comes with a unique and innovative design. The ceramic heater helps to distribute heat evenly and also allows for a high speed recovery of heat. This particular feature is very useful in maintaining the optimum temperatures for the use of the iron. The temperature management is also essential for creating different hair styles. There are three different layers of baked ceramic plates, which are infused with tourmaline. The ceramic locks the hair shafts without damaging them. It effectively removes the entire frizz from the hair, while leaving a beautiful shine on the hair strands. You can be assured that your hair will maintain its health and beauty even at very high temperatures.

2) Beveled plates – The use of beveled plates helps to create different styles. The plates give you a high quality salon level hair styling experience. The negative ions are known to be moisture locking. Therefore, they effectively seal the unwanted moisture and repel the humidity out of your hair. This helps to eliminate static and reduce the frizz from the hair shafts. This design makes the product very versatile, for it can be used to create smooth and straight hair or funky and glamorous waves and curls.

3) Nano Fuzeion Technology – The design of the styling irons employs the use of an exclusive technology called the nano Fuzeion Technology. This technology uses a low EMF (electromagnetic field) and also allows the generation of infra red heat. This prevents any damage to your hair and also produces an unmatched level of shine and conditioning.

4) Adjustable temperature – Different hair types style well at different temperatures, and also different hair styles require different and accurate temperatures. The temperature of the styling iron can be adjusted from 140-450 degree F to maintain the heat for different hair types.


– Product dimensions – 11.5 X 1 X 1.5”

– Weight of the product is 1 pound, while shipping weight is 2 pounds

– Dual voltage

– 2 year warranty

– Available in sizes of 1”, 1”, 1 ¼” and 1 3/4”

– Swivel cord

– Self gripping closure and a hang up hook


Good Reviews

According to the many satisfied and happy customers, they found the following features of the styling iron to be of utmost importance:

– It works smoothly even at very high temperatures and the handle area remains cool.

– The hair passes through the plates without any tugging.

– The hair remains styled for a very long duration.

– It is easy to style the hair in various ways. The hair looks shiny and glossy and feels smooth and soft.

– It works well with both short and long hair.

– It is easy to use and is ideal for all the hair types. Be it frizzy hair, or puffy and curly hair, the styling iron works effectively on all types.

– It is quite durable and strong, and yet very light.

– The quick heat facility is very good. The larger plates of the product make it simpler to do even longer hair.

– The heat resistance bags work perfectly.

– It gives a professional level experience to the hair. The tourmaline ceramic help to distribute heat faster and evenly. This removes the frizz and leaves the hair with a sleek shine.

– It is a salon quality product. The shine and gloss left on the hair strands is unmatched.

Bad Reviews

The overall quality ratings of this product is very high. But according a few customers, they faced the following issues while using this FHI Brands product:

– A few customers reported that they took a while to understand how the temperature adjustments work.

– It can take a couple of days to get used to the design.

FHI heat platform tourmaline ceramic professional hair styling iron, with its signature red ceramic plates, high quality performance and durable design can lay the foundation of your professional salon level toolkit at home. If you are looking to create budget friendly hair styles that can match the ones created by the various salons, then this iron will not disappoint you. The key features of the ceramic heater, three layers of ceramic plates, beveled plates, adjustable temperature and the nano fuzeion technology help the styling iron to maintain its performance year after year.

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