Bio Ionic One Pass 1 Inch Hair Straightener Review

The Bio Ionic One Pass hair straightener has undoubtedly earned its status as a top quality brand to go for when it comes to hair straighteners. It has arguably been touted as the fastest hair straightener amongst its peers. Just as its name suggests, the Bio Ionic One Pass promises to straight out, flatten up your hair by just that, one pass. This straightener is equipped with a plethora of very useful features but that is not to say that there aren’t some few chinks in its armor. This review seeks to wholesomely analyze the major features and specifications of the Bio Ionic One Pass hair straightener along with its “cracks” albeit minor flaws. So please, do sit back and enjoy this presentation because in just a matter of minutes, you will find out whether this straightener is really worth its credentials.

2. Features of the Bio Ionic One Pass Hair Straightener

2.1 State-of-the-art Silicone Speed Strip Plates

This straightener features the revolutionary and patented Silicon Speed Strip plates that have got an extremely high heat conductivity not to mention light in weight. Thus, it goes without saying that they heat up in no time at all (eliminating the much annoying heating lag times that probably one could comfortably guess you are accustomed to by now) and much unnecessary weight is shed off simultaneously.

In fact, these plates provide straightening rates that are up to 50% faster compared to those of conventional hair straighteners. This provides your hair with more finesse and shine in significantly shorter amount of time.

Additionally, the plates have got excellent heat distribution which makes frustrating and potentially hair damaging hot spots/cold spots, a thing of the past.

2.2 Highly Efficient BioCeramic™ Heaters

The Bio Ceramic Heaters possessed by the One Pass straightener are capable of heating up to an unbelievably extreme temperature of up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit with instant heat recovery (sub-5 second times) for faster and smoother results.

2.3 Huge Amounts of Negative Ions coupled with Far InfraRed Technology

The plates are infused with a high concentration of negative ions. This, in combination with the maximum infrared heat emitted, ensures that hair is permeated from within (microwave effect). The negative ions effectively break down water molecules and effortlessly allow them to penetrate the hair shafts and thus restoring and locking in the much needed moisture before the hair cuticles are sealed up. This in effect guarantees a smoother yet gentle straightening experience.

2.4 A highly Functional Multilevel Temperature Controller/Thermostat.

Based on whether you have got fine, curly, colored or damaged hair, the One Pass straightener possesses a well calibrated and accurately sensitive thermostat that can be effectively adjusted to straighten up just about any hair type. The thermostat has got well over 45 temperature settings which are incredibly user friendly despite their sheer number. The maximum temperature setting is of course 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

2.5 NanoIonic™ Mineral Fused Cushion Plates.

The NanoIonic™ Mineral is responsible for conditioning, smoothing and sealing the hair cuticles.

3. Detailed Specifications

– Cord Length: 9 ft

– Maximum Temperature setting: 400 degrees F

– Minimum Temperature setting : 240 degrees F

– Type of Cord: Swivel Cord

– Heating Technology: Digital Ionic Plus Infrared.

– Plate Size: 1 inches

– Limited Warranty Period: 5 Years (Whoa!)

– Voltage: 120V

– Materials Silicone and Ceramic.

– Weight on shipping: 1.6 pounds.

– Dimensions of the Product: 13″ x 3″ x 5″ (inches)

4. The Good

– Silicone Strip plates are corrosion resistant and offer excellent heat conductivity.

– BioCeramic™ heaters gain heat in no time whilst also offering instant recovery.

– Straightener impressively performs in terms of straightening speed. (Up to 50% faster than conventional straighteners.)

– The slim design makes the One Pass straightener highly ergonomic and perfectly suitable for waving or curling applications. Hairs closer to the scalp can be seamlessly straightened as well without any damage, all thanks to the One Pass’s slender design.

– The limited 5 Year warranty is exceptional considering other product manufacturers offer a significantly less warranty period.

– Swivel cord is tangle free and is lengthy enough for easy management.

– Straightens just about any hair type.

– Highly ideal for Short hair and routine touch-ups.

5. The Bad

– It may take considerably more than just a single pass to completely straighten up your hair. This is especially true if you possess significantly thicker hair.

6. The Bottom Line

The Bio Ionic One Pass hair straightener easily overcomes its close to negligible shortcomings by providing more than the just the conventional features associated with average straighteners. It has garnered critical acclaim amongst its many buyers and it’s not hard to see why it is the preferred straightener of choice for many professional hair stylists. Available on Amazon at just $129.00, this straightener provides an unbeatable value for money as it easily floors down the competition including the much hyped high end brands. For the most part, it truly lives up to its name and as such, you will surely not be disappointed with its purchase.

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