Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium Hair Straightener Reviews

The Babyliss Pro Nano from BabylissPro® is unmistakably, a one of a kind authentic hair straightener that is equipped with a myriad of useful features. If the details of this review are anything to go by, you will surely not be disappointed with the excellent functionality and aesthetics that this straightener offers. However, that is not to say that it doesn’t have its bumps along the road. So please relax and stick around as we have an in depth look at its highs and lows.
2. What are Some of the Features of the Babyliss Pro Nano Straightener that really Stand Out?

2.1 Ultra Smooth Titanium Plates

Titanium is well known as an extremely strong but conveniently light metallic element. Having this mind, you would of course expect titanium plated straighteners to be extremely portable which is quite the case with Babyliss Pro Nano. The titanium plates do not only shed much unnecessary weight but offer also excellent heat conductivity. The plates heat up in no time which means that you can officially start your religious hair straightening routine as soon as you turn on the device; as opposed to annoyingly waiting for the plates to heat up first. The plates additionally heat up more evenly which eliminates annoyingly dangerous hotspots which can potentially burn and damage your hair.

The Titanium plates are also corrosion resistant which makes them immune to rust and hence you are guaranteed of solid longevity with this straightener.

2.2 Ceramic Heater

In addition to the titanium plates just earlier mentioned, the straightener possesses a ceramic heating filament which offers excellent heating up times and recovery.

2.3 Lengthy 5 Inch Titanium Plates

The titanium plates are suitably lengthened for larger hair area coverage. This vastly improves straightening up times. The 1 inch plate width makes this straightener ideal for working on a good hair length range from short to medium to long hair types.

2.4 A Highly Functional Thermostat

As everyone’s hair is quite different in terms of type and styling, the temperature settings of the hair straightener have to be adjusted to suit the hair conditions. If you have very fine hair, colored or even damaged hair, a temperature of below 180o C is recommended. On the other hand if you’ve got coarse, very thick or even tight curly hair, a straightening temperature of between 190o and 210o is recommended. So, it’s important that you check out for a straightener that features a well calibrated temperature adjustment scale.

The Babyliss Pro Nano offers just that and boasts of a high sensitivity thermostat which comprises of 50 temperature settings. It’s pleasantly simple to use and has maximum temperature setting of 4500 F which admittedly is quite hot by straightener standards.

2.5 Ryton® Insulation Provides Perfect Insulation
With the stellar temperature levels that the Babyliss Pro Nano reaches, the Ryton casing provides excellent heat insulation which means that you can get to hold on to the straightener for longer, even at maximum temperature settings, without having to mind about the risk of burns.

2.6 Inclusion of Digital Ionic Technology

The Babyliss Pro Nano Straightener, utilizes supercharged negative ions meant to specifically break up water molecules and assist them penetrate the hair shafts so as to restore moisture and lock it in prior to sealing the hair cuticles.

3. Detailed Specifications

– Cord Length: 9 ft

– Maximum Temperature: 450 degrees F

– Minimum Temperature: 240 degrees F

– Type of Cord: Swivel Cord

– Heating Technology: Digital Ionic

– Plate Size: 1 inches

– Warranty Period: 4 Years

– Voltage: 120V

– Materials Titanium and Ceramic.

4. The Good

– The Ultra Smooth Titanium plates have excellent heat conductivity and are corrosion resistant.

– Ceramic Heater heats up instantly and recovers fast.

– Straightens hair up to 40% faster than your average straightener.

– Highly suitable for all hair types including coarse, kinky, curly, frizzy, straight or thick. This all due to the wide array of temperature settings available.

– Maximum infra red heat is yielded which penetrates hair from within thus providing gentle straightening without damage to hair.

– The Ryton® casing keeps off most of the heat from the handle areas.

– Simple to use adjustable temperature settings.

– Hairs close to the scalp can be straightened without burning them due to the slim form of the titanium plates.

– Ultra lightweight for maximum comfort during use. Hand fatigue is eliminated.

– A limited 4 year warranty is also included.

– It’s reasonably priced.

– The lengthy cord improves manageability of use.

5. The Bad

– If you are a novice user, the high temperature settings can easily burn out hair if you are not careful.

– Despite its lightness, you might find the straightener quite large and cumbersome to use especially on short to medium hair.

6. The Bottom line

The Babyliss Pro Nano titanium plated hair straightening iron provides excellent functionality and user friendliness, easily overshadowing its shortcomings. Its high temperature setting (provided you’ve got the touch) is sure to straighten out your hair no matter what condition it is in. At $114.95, this straightener is an absolute bargain considering the highly efficient features it offers. You are guaranteed an absolute value for money with this purchase.

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