Hi, this is Jennifer, your hair straightener expert and go to friend all the way from CLT, United States. I started this blog as a hobby to share my knowledge and experiences which I gained while working as a professional hair stylist and I must tell you that I have seen people struggling with hair straighteners (or flat irons, if you like it that way). They would always ask questions about how to straighten hair or how to curl your hair using hair straightener or sometimes about how to clean a hair straightener. And I would happily answer them but then realized that there must be lot of girls who need this kind of help. I must admit that I searched on google.com but I couldn't find a one stop shop kind of blog where I could get decent reviews of the hair straighteners which me or my clients liked. So, I decided to start writing reviews of the best hair straighteners available in the market or what my girl friends or clients requested.

I started with zero and I feel so happy that my little blog has been growing with your love and support.

Love your hair straightener because she is more than just a hair straightener!